Off Topic/ post #2 regarding sexual boundaries/education for your child

by abbyslane

Hi everyone! I apologize for skipping a week, life got in the way with lots of store activity and kids being sick.

Post #1 discussed the importance of starting this dialogue early, the importance of touch when bonding with your baby, and the importance of standing by your child if they refuse to hug or kiss a family member or friend. Today, we are going to talk about another early teaching tool, which is using the proper names to teach your child about his/her body parts, most importantly their genitals. Below are some articles that are GREAT at describing the “why”, much better than I can,

I totally understand why parents hesitate, with 7 children, we have had our share of PENIS or VULVA outbursts, especially in that magical 2-3 year old timeframe, when they love to see mom and dad react-lol

Like we said last week though, a few red-faced moments are a small price to pay for the worth behind what you are doing. Knowledge is always power, always, and education is important to protect your child against abuse. Imagine starting a new job, you are an assembly worker in a factory. Your livelihood depends on being able to put together a product, then explain it to the next person on the assembly line. They give you all the shiny, new pieces, but don’t tell you what any of them are called! How can you ask for help? What if something breaks, or goes missing, or you don’t know how it works. It is going to be awfully hard to describe or ask for help when you are calling them “that shiny thing, that bendy thing, that wiggly thing”, or come up with your own nicknames. Proper names are the first line of defense if something ever happens to your child. Being able to identify who did what, to where, and with what will be crucial in relaying that information to authorities, and even to mom and dad. Trying to correct them with new terminology will be hard and confusing, and this would be a time where clarity and reassurance is needed more than ever.

That isn’t to say if you have already used “nicknames” or slang to identify their genitals that all is lost, today is a new day, start with one body part a week. At bathtime, at bedtime, just like you would be teaching them a new color, a new shape, going back and educating them on the proper names is just as important.

Thank you everyone, we will chat again next week!



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Menstrual Alternatives for MOM, Part 3: All about menstrual cups!

by shethinksmedia
This section (Part 3) concludes our reusable menstrual alternatives series by discussing Menstrual Cups. Our first week was spent covering the “why” of Sea Sponge tampons, Cloth menstrual pads and Cups, week two covered Sea Sponges and pads in detail, and finally this week we wrap up with cups. About a dozen customers have taken the plunge over the past two weeks into reusable devices, I couldn’t be more excited to help a mama make her period less “ick” and more comfortable!


The menstrual cup we sell is the Lunette:http://www.abbyslane.com/Lunette-Menstrual-Cup_p_674.html

Unique in that the sizing isn’t based on childbirth experience, but rather flow level. We are finding customers greatly prefer the fit to the Diva cup, so in favor of the Lunette we are sticking with their brand. Lunette is made from medical grade Silicone, with FDA approved dyes on the colored cups. It also does come in clear.



Cups are held in place by vaginal muscles and can create a very slight suction. They are inserted by folding them, using your fingers to push them gently into place, then pinching the base to release any suction and gently pull it out, folded, to prevent any pressure or discomfort.

Our webpage has some great tips for folding them prior to insertion:

That page has great resources about using and inserting the cups, and I will provide my two cents on them as well.

I used a menstrual cup for several years, only in the pat 2-3 years have I used sea pearls reusable tampons as my primary menstrual device (with cloth pads for backup on the heavy days). To share a little of my birth history, when my second daughter was born, her forceps delivery did a number on things ( to put it lightly ), and despite practicing kegels at every darn red light in Northern Virginia for 7 years, I have accepted that cups may not be best for my needs.

However, we have worked and spoken to many women over the years who were able to successfully use cups even after trauma to the vaginal muscles. My unscientific conclusion is, like everything, it varies from person to person, and I think a lot has to do with where the muscle damage may occur.

When the cup is in properly, you should not feel it. At all. This is very important to note, as we find some women wear them too low, and it will cause a good deal of pressure and discomfort. You *cannot* lose these cups in your vagina, and it is best to wear them as high as you comfortably can. This may mean having to reinsert after a bowel movement, as your muscle will nudge the cup down. Also, you may find your cup will be worn at different heights in your vagina as your period progresses, because your cervix will rise and fall during the course of menstruation, and that changes where you can wear the cup comfortably and effectively. I say this all not to dissuade anyone from trying a cup, but I feel the education can be power in overcoming common hurdles to make a cup work for you.

When you get your cup, this is how I advice finding how your body needs to wear it:

1. Best to try after a shower or bath, when you are not having you cycle, in order to be fully relaxed and able to take your time.
2. Personal lubricant is great here, it just makes it a bit easier to find the right place to let it sit. Not a lot, you don’t want it to pop out of your hand, but a tad to help insertion.
3. Lunette advises standing, sitting or squatting to insert. If you cannot get it high enough, try these tips:

  • Sit down on the ground, legs spread to the sides, almost in a “birthing” position with your knees bent. Aim the cup down. Not back, and not up, it will naturally follow your vagina towards your cervix, which is downwards in that position.
  • “Bear Down” while you are pushing it up and folded
  • When it is as high as it can comfortably go, stop “bearing down”, when you release those muscles, they will put it up just a tad higher, which can make a big difference in your comfort level


Now, obviously this isn’t possible every time you have to insert it, but for that first time or twice getting to know how your body needs to wear it, we have found those tips to be helpful.You can trim the stem of the cup if it pokes you, just be careful not to snip any holes of the bottom of the cup, which pretty much gives you a funnel rather than a cup-LOL


Wash in between insertions with handsoap, and between cycles you can disinfect either with boiling, or antibacterial wipes/soap. In a public restroom? Take your water bottle with you, or a baby wipe. Next time you can, wash it out with soap, but you can skip a washing if you don’t have access to a private sink.


IF YOU HAVE AN IUD, Prolapse, or other medical devices or issues involving your vaginal muscles, you must consult with your obgyn about the safety of using these cups. We cannot make the determination if they will be safe for use, please consult your doctor prior to trying a cup.


Cups are intended for menstrual use only, and are not advised for postpartum use, birth control, prevention of STDs or for pregnancy loss.


Please let us know if you have any questions!

When one door closes….

by abbyslane

Changes are in store for Abby’s Lane!

As you know we’ve been serving the cloth diapering and babywearing community’s needs now for over 8 years and we couldn’t be more pleased with the response.  We’ve enjoyed meeting each and every one of you and hope we’ve facilitated many new friendships and connections among you along the way.  Through classes and local events at our store we’ve fallen in love even more with the community we’ve so been blessed to be a part of and we couldn’t imagine ourselves doing anything else.

This year brings new changes for our business.  In April of 2013, we will be closing the Abby’s Lane store location in Manassas and will become solely an internet based home business, as we were for the first 6 years of our business.  We know this may disappoint some of you but we want to assure our local customers that you’ll still be able connect, learn and gain support from local parents through the Babywearing community, La Leche League and the active cloth diapering circles in Northern Virginia.

You know what they say, “When one door closes, another one opens!”  We’ve already got so many exciting things in store for Abby’s Lane.  New features for our website, a much wider selection of inventory for the whole family, increased promotions, online support and video classes/demonstrations, giveaways (of course!) and as always…FREE USA Shipping!

Our family has grown as has our business Abby’s Lane and we’re excited to embark on the next phase.  We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to serve yours and your family’s needs.

We do have Cloth 101 classes scheduled for January, February and April. Babywearing will resume in February-April, and we will have one more diaper swap in February, possibly in April, too, if time allows. The Baby Sign Language class was a huge success last week, and Kelli will be coming back in March to host one more at our location~


We know you’ll have questions.  Please feel free to ask, we’re here to help!



“Must Haves” Giveaway~

by abbyslane

Hello, everyone! For Blog Friday celebrations this Friday (1/13) through Friday (1/20), we are offering a “Must Haves” prize pack to one winner, chosen from entries below on Sunday 1/22.
The prize pack includes:
-One Planet Wise wet bag in Piccolo Dot print

-one Sigma diaper sprayer

And one Planet Wise pail liner, neutral solid color:

Entries run from today (1/13) through Friday 1/20.
– You may enter once as a “no buy” entry by posting below linking back to our store to your favorite fluffy product :)
-Additional entry may be via a post below, type in your order number placed starting January 10th through the 20th over $20.00, I need the numbers following the “AB” to confirm your order. Remember, orders over $20.00 count as an extra entry.
-Additional entry given if you comment below for subscribing to our blog, type below “Blog Subscriber!”, and I will confirm this via email if you are the winner
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Each Entry must be its own comment below to allow for random.org winner selection. Prizes do not have a cash value attached, and may not be returned for store credit or cash compensation. Prizes are selected by Abby’s Lane, color and print where applicable, substitutions may not be chosen.

Good Luck!

prevention of yeast

by abbyslanehype

This week we are going into some tips and tricks for prevention of yeast if your baby has battled it more than once.

First, one cause of yeast could be antibiotics. If you are nursing and are on antibiotics, or if your baby has to be on antibiotics, all of the good bacteria along with the bad will be killed, and the overall chemistry of your baby’s skin will be more susceptible to yeast. If your baby is old enough, talk to your pediatrician about giving him/her probiotics. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to take some as well if you are nursing, there are safe supplements for babies and toddlers, adults can take over the counter acidophilus tablets. You may or may not see thrush in the mouth of your baby, it can appear in a few different forms, but if you see any changes inside your baby’s mouth or it seems painful for them to eat (nursing or bottle), let your pediatrician know ASAP.

If your baby isn’t on any antibiotics and you are not either (if nursing), but seems to be more yeast-prone, ask about probiotics anyway, it can definitely help keep the yeast away!

Now, the next step will seem completely pointless if you haven’t battled yeast, but I have to throw it out there. We see yeast happening as much in natural fibers as in synthetics. It really just depends on the baby, some cannot tolerate the wetness from natural fibers, and will flare into yeast quickly. Others cannot tolerate synthetics, and need natural fibers to promote breatheability. If your baby is battling yeast, look at the diaper system you have. If you have solely natural fibers, consider investing in some fleece liners to use to see if it makes a difference. On the flip side, if you only use synthetics, switching to a more air-flow friendly system can help.

Keep an eye on your nighttime system as well, for baby boys often yeast will start as a very red penis, sometimes with or without blisters, if your baby boy presents this symptom and you don’t see it clear up with ointment within a day or two at the most, take him in to get diagnosed.

We will go over some more on this next week, but one last thing to remember with yeast.

If your baby’s skin is completely clear, and has been for at least a few days, cornstarch is fine to use to help absorb moisture to keep yeast away. However, if your baby has any skin symptoms at all, cornstarch will feed yeast with the sugars present, so do not use if there is any skin rash present to suggest yeast.

Blog Friday for January 6th

by abbyslane

This week we are focusing on positive energy and thoughts :) Not all that related to cloth diapering, but not a bad topic 😉
This week brought some challenges to our store, some were minor, some will take some time to solve. I would love to hear some positive stories from your week (they don’t have to be related to cloth diapering), so tell me what happened to you this week that was good, one winner picked on Sunday gets 154 points in their Abbys Lane account for a $10.00 voucher!

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