Cloth Diapering Multiples

Practical Cloth Diapering Tips for Two or More in Cloth Diapers

by shethinksmedia
This week we are chatting about some practical tips for diapering more than one.   I have done this myself 4 times-LOL-my kiddos come usually within 2.5 years, those who were day trained still were not night trained when younger sibling joined us, so lots of experience with the multiples in diapers.

One question I get frequently is “how do I pack a cloth diaper bag enough for two babies, that is a lot of bulk!”  My advice is to leave a fully packed backpack (or diaper bag, I prefer a backpack though to use on two shoulders), in the car, and only take in a few diapers for the babies in your stroller, purse or wet/dry bag that can hang.  You don’t need to physically carry that many diapers, it is just nice to have them on hand if you need them. Unless you have twins or higher multiples, if you have 2 in diapers the oldest one will be over a year old, where during a 4-6 hour span will only need 1-2 diapers. Baby may need 2-3, so you only need a few with you. If you have younger multiples you may need to carry more with you, but in my experience even on long day trips we still returned to the car within a 4-6 hour time frame for whatever reason (to get more snacks, let someone nap, cool off in the air conditioning…).

For multiples on long trips, I have found two in diapers is no different than one really.  I love my large PlanetWise wet/dry bag for traveling and vacations. It fits a huge amount of diapers, enough for a full load in the washing machine.

For wipes on the go, just tuck in 5-10 wipes in your purse or small bag, as long as you have a water bottle with you, you can use wipes on the go. Keep extras in your full bag in the car, but no need to carry more with you if you need the room :)

My preference for washing with two in diapers is washing every day.  But, remember I like a smaller stash and frequent washing to keep things their cleanest. After one day with two in diapers I have 15-20 diapers in the pail, which is optimal for a load to get clean. I toss them in at night to wash, hubby throws them in the dryer in the morning, I fold/stuff at breakfast time with the youngest ones.

Sorting the diapers into piles before folding/stuffing saves a lot of time during folding, a little organization goes a long way.

The nice things is, after one potty trains, you have a really expansive stash, or some extra cloth diapers to resell :)


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