Join Us, at Abby’s Lane, Friday June 1st for a day of Babykicks Demos and Giveaways!

by shethinksmedia

We’re SO excited to announce that on Friday June 1st Babykicks will be in Manassas at Abby’s Lane!

Time:  11am-3pm

Join us Friday, June 1st for a day of Babykicks demos and cloth diaper instruction.  Get to see the new Basic and Premium cloth diapers from Babykicks and find out what makes them so special.

What else?  By coming to the store and participating in our Babykicks festivities you can enter to win FREE Babykicks products because there will be giveaways galore!

Babykicks is giving (6) lucky mama’s a chance to win!  Here are the prize/giveaway details.

2 winners for a Basic Pocket Diaper
2 winners for a Premium Pocket Diaper
2 winners for 2 Prefolds, 1 Premium JoeyBunz, & 1 original JoeyBunz

So what do you think?  Are you a local, will you be joining us?

Babykicks New Product Details, Comparison and Information from Abby’s Lane!

by shethinksmedia

This week I am going to go over some of the new BabyKicks products in a little more detail, we have a Premium and Basic Pocket as testers for both my 2.5 year old 25 lb son, and my 23lb 7 month old (yes, same weight and 2 years apart-LOL-one is tall/slender and my baby is a chunk!)

I like both of these pockets, the velcro is much like the Ones and Twos velcro, also the GroVia aplix. It has plastic teeth on a smooth surface instead of the fuzzy loop on other brands.

The pocket itself is narrow aka “trim”, if you don’t like having to maneuver your hand you may not love stuffing this one, but it actually accommodates wider inserts (standard microfiber inserts, Joey Bunz), and for both of my boys we do double up, like we would for any pocket.

The premium is a rerun of the Bumboo, same sizing and pattern, just a velour on the inside instead of the bamboo fleece. Velcro closure, new colors, a well made pocket with good sizing (smaller in rise than Tiny Tush or BG 4.0, bigger than Rumparooz).

Babykicks is a great company to work with, and since both diapers come with hemp in their inserts (or the hemp one size insert for premiums), all of those extra microfiber inserts can work well for extra stuffing :)

Have a great weekend!



by abbyslanehype

Over at Cloth Diaper Blog they had this fairly hilarious video by Babykicks. Of course we have Babykicks in the store and they are awfully adorable.

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