Gro-ing the love for GroVia Essay Contest and GroVia Diaper Giveaway!

by shethinksmedia
Here at Abby’s Lane, we have been lucky enough to see GroVia transform from the GroBaby line which introduced some great new concepts into the cloth diapering world (and really brought hybrid systems to the forefront!).  Over several years through customer feedback and much product testing, GroVia has listened to their customers to develop several options for cloth diapering your baby full time or part time.


My personal favorite is the one size all in one, made with natural fibers on the inner fabrics, it is a very absorbent diaper with attached and snap in soakers to facilitate easier washing and faster drying. It is cut with generous sizing, and with side snaps, it is very easy to use as a trainer for children who need a wetness cue but still need the backup absorbency and PUL outer material that the diaper offers. It is trim, lightweight, and comes in great prints and colors. I love the high rise on the diaper, for heavy wetters it doesn’t help if the rise is well below the belly button, you end up with leaks on the legs and waist because the wetness cannot distribute, and GroVia does a nice job of cutting their patterns to accommodate this.


At Abby’s Lane, we sell GroVia bioliners like IHOP sells pancakes, they go quickly and in large amounts, definitely a customer favorite for flushable liners. The organic cotton soakers were always a stand by favorite, but quickly the stay dry soakers are catching up, as parents now have a choice to protect their child’s skin from wetness.


GrovVia is launching 4 new prints in a few weeks, and we have a GORGEOUS Robots newborn All In One to give away, you can win it before you can buy it!


To sweeten the deal, and for those with bigger babies, we are also including a One Size AIO in your choice of color/print (and yes, you can wait for the new prints to come out!)  GroVia has also sponsored and will be matching our prize.
Giveaway Details:
So how do you enter to win this GroVia prize?
  • Newborn All-In-One Robot print
  • Newborn All-In-One in the print of your choice
  • TWO One Size All-In-One’s in the prints/colors of your choice

Well we want you to write a brief GroVia related essay!


You choose the topic
  • “My GroVia Dream Stash.   If I were to start from scratch and build my dream stash from GroVia products I would choose ____ and why_____.” Let your imagination run wild and share with us how you’d build your dream stash if you could from ALL GroVia products and discuss why you’d choose the products.
  • “I HEART GroVia.  What I love most about my GroVia diapers and accessories is ________.”  Are you experienced with GroVia diapers and products?  The you should write a review of the products you’ve tried, how they worked and why you like them!
  • “Try GroVia.  Reasons why you should give GroVia diapers and products a try.”  This post topic is great if you can imagine advocating GroVia cloth diapers and accessories to a friend.  Get creative and try convincing us to start cloth diapering and why we should choose GroVia.

Each essay should be a minimum of 250 words.  Photos are not required but we’d love to include personal photos of your little one in GroVia or your GroVia stash within your post.  We’ll be publishing some, not all, essays to our blog.

You have two weeks to email your essay to abbyslane(at)  After two weeks we’ll determine a winner!  Have a question, please email us or ask on our Facebook Wall and we’ll get right back to you.

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    Ashley says:

    oops sorry..sending that in an email.

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    Katie says:

    Im doing my sons room in Robots and I would LOVE to with this!!! :)

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    […] GroVia Essay Contest from Abby’s Lane (ends 5/3) 250+ word “essay” – topics given […]

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