Amy’s Gro-ing the Love for GroVia and she’s sharing with you why you’ll love them too!

by shethinksmedia

This is just one of many GroVia essays submitted to our Gro-ing the love for GroVia contest!

Where to begin?.. When I started cloth diapering I had a stash made up of mostly pocket diapers. Then somewhere along the line I saw a sale for a GroVia Gro-to-go pack and decided to branch out. And boy I am glad that I did. The fit on my baby is perfect, and they are so well made and absorbent  that I think they will last us a long time, hopefully through to future bambinos.

Amy says, “Grovia are the GO-TO Daddy Diaper!”

I love the colors and prints they offer, and in my opinion the aplix is the best I have seen on any diaper, and make these the GO-TO daddy diaper.  Overall my favorite thing about GroVia is the versatility. They seem to have something for everyone. If I could re-build  my stash I would go GroVia all the way(but that’s another essay entirely).

I truly feel that GroVia makes it easy for any doubts you may have to disappear. If you think there is no way an AIO will work on a newborn, try GroVia. If you want all natural fibers, GroVia ‘s  organic cotton has got you covered. If you want to re-use the shell and only have to buy more inserts, try the AI2. If you want to use the AI2 for naptime, try the Stay-dry inserts or a booster. If you are scared of snaps, try the aplix, or if you think your baby can undo the aplix, try the snaps. If you don’t want to fully commit to cloth diapering, or are scared of what to do when you leave the house, try the BioSoakers. If you are unsure of what to do with the poo, BioLiners might be for you. Seriously, any question you have, GroVia seems to have an answer.

If I haven’t managed to convince you yet, see for yourself. I dare you. And if you don’t like GroVia, there are tons of people like me who swear by them, so you will be able to sell them fast. Heck, I might even buy them from you :).

Contributed by Amy S.

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