Creating a GroVia Dream Stash, Nikki goes on a shopping spree!

by shethinksmedia

If I were to start from scratch and build my dream stash from GroVia products I would want to start with at least 24 newborn AIOs.

They are my favorite newborn diapers. I love them SO much that I really wish GroVia would make their one-size AIOs in the exact same style as the newborn ones.

After the baby outgrows the newborn diapers, I would use the GroVia Hybrid Shells with snap-in soakers. I would want one of every shell color/print and all of them with snaps. I would need at least 25 snap-in soakers but I would want 30 just in case. I would get half organic and half stay dry. I would also want 8 to 10 boosters to use for night time or long road trips and outings. I would get half stay dry and half organic for the boosters also.

Just in case of rashes, I would want a couple of Magic Stick Diaper Balms and I would need 2 packs of GroVia wipes, 2 pail liners and 2 wetbags.

My husband would feel left out if I didn’t get at least 5 packs of GroVia BioWipes because he likes using those instead of cloth wipes and we would need 7 OS AIOs for him because he likes to use those at night when I’m not home and we like to use them when we are out of town. I would want 2 in Peacock and 1 each of Robots, Cloud, Surf, Owl and Mod Flowers.

I would go ahead and make sure I had plenty of detergent so I would get 5 boxes of GroVia Tiny Bubbles.

And lastly, when my baby has turned into a toddler and starts going to the potty on her own, I would want 5 to 7 of the GroVia My Choice Trainers in Vanilla and 1 of each side panel color. I think my dream stash is complete. I would definitely be floating on cloud 9 if I were to one day own everything in my dream stash!

Contributed by Nikki G

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