Be An Informed Parent and Try GroVia Diapers!

by shethinksmedia

When you find out you are expecting a baby you put a ton of research into the the crib you need, the stroller you want, and the safest car seat. However, not much research is done on one item that will be with your baby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as 3 years of their life (maybe longer). What is this thing? It is your baby’s diaper. As we prep for baby’s arrival we hit the diaper aisle thinking only of our immediate stash of cash. We pick up the cheapest thing we see and don’t think of switching brands unless there is a problem (diaper leaks, causes rash, etc). But is this the healthiest thing for our baby? Is this the wisest use of our money? I would ask you to look into the GroVia reusable diaper system. It offers options for the informed parent.

The modern disposable diaper contains many health hindering toxins. When exposed to for prolonged periods of time these toxins can be harmful to your baby’s body. I believe 3+ years would be considered a “prolonged period of time”. What about a Grovia diaper? The Grovia All-in-ones and the cotton soaker pads (for the Hybrid shells) and boosters are made of organic cotton. It means no chemicals were used in the growing of the cotton. So instead of using toxins to absorb the urine GroVia uses the naturally absorbent fibers of hemp and cotton. With the use of the GroVia diapering system you can save your child from potential future health problems.

Okay, so the GroVia diaper is healthier for my baby’s bum. But will it save me money? After all one disposable can be had for around $0.20 a diaper. At first glance the $22 for a GroVia diaper might seem steep if you compare them diaper to diaper. However, if you add them up over the diapering lifetime of your baby you can see the difference. With an average of 8 diaper changes a day for three years (~9000 changes) you would spend $1800 on disposables. With 30 GroVia AIOs you would spend about $660. GroVia DOES save you money!

Baby’s precious bum should be covered in a GroVia. It’s healthy and they will save you money. Plus GroVias are cute. Your baby’s bum will be in diapers a lot longer than that car seat. Be an informed parent and know your options!

Contributed by Meghan V.

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