Moms HEART GroVia Diapers and think you will too, here’s why!

by shethinksmedia

Today we’re going to share as many of our GroVia Essay Contest entries as we can!

I HEART GroVia by Alycia C.

What I love most about my GroVia diapers and accessories is their versatility. I have tried all of the one-size diapers, beginning with GroBaby, and can’t say enough good things about them. The shells come with snaps that are super easy to do and undo, unlike KamSnaps which have a tendency to get stuck for me, and the Velcro used is super soft and sticky. The inner wicking material is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and I’ve yet to have a leak with my GroVia Shell system. The snap in inserts are super soft and absorbent and putting a snap on each end is a must- no shifting or scrunching with Grovia! But the best part is that the shells not only fit GroVia inserts, but they fit almost any other insert imaginable! This is very important, at least to me, in a diapering system. If I can’t use it interchangeably with my prefolds and hemp inserts I probably won’t use it much at all!

I heart GroVia because all the reasons stated above make it easy for almost anyone to cloth diaper their baby(ies). Let’s face it, if something isn’t easy most of the time people will give up. Throw in having to deal with poop and it’s pretty easy to have a lose-lose situation. GroVia changes that. Even the most skeptical parent can ease into GroVia by using their OS shells and disposable Bio Soakers (the most absorbent insert I’ve tried!). Then once they fall in love with that system, which they will, it is super easy for them to change over to the cloth soakers, and eventually they’ll try the AIOs and then the newborn AIOs if they have another baby. You can’t just try one GroVia Diaper, you have to try them all! Throw in the irresistible prints and what’s NOT to love about GroVia?!

I HEART GroVia by Cassie G.

As a new mom and new to cloth diapering, I was confused as to what type of diaper to try.  I stumbled across a sale on Grovia, and purchased 4.  I am in LOVE!  I have a taller, skinnier baby and the trim fit fits his frame well, with no leaks.  As a newborn, he was able to start wearing these long before some of the other AIO diapers and they don’t look ridiculously huge on him.

He is in a daycare setting, and several of the teachers have commented on how well they also like the diaper, how cute they are, and how easy to use. I like that I can easily snap a booster on, don’t have to fiddle with the pockets, and how I easy it is to wash and dry them.  The colors are vibrant—I’m not sure how they make the outer fabric, but the stretch and quality feels so much nicer than many other brands.  The new prints are super cute—I am dying to get my hands on the bicycle and woodlands prints, not to mention that I would just really like to add more to my current stash.  When my little one is older, I will definitely purchase the  flex panels to convert to trainers—I think this is one of the best features of the grovia AIO—how long they will last me!  Also, I haven’t had any issues with my diapers bulding up an odor, but from all the research I have done, the cotton lining of the Grovia should not have this issue, as many other microfiber diapers and inserts seem to.  Overall, I really couldn’t be happier with my Grovias!

I HEART GroVia and Why YOU should try them!   by Jenifer L.

We LOVE GroVia diapers in our home! We’re an AIO family, and I want to tell you a little bit about our GroVia stash, and why I think these are the best AIOs around. First, I should mention that I’m on my second baby in cloth. When my first was born in 2008, I made the switch to cloth when he was 4 months old, and tried out pretty much every diapering method I could. We settled on Dream-Eze, and used it almost exclusively. They were awesome diapers that held up so well that I gave my entire stash to another mom looking to ditch the disposables when my son potty-trained.

When we found out baby #2 was on the way in 2011, I knew right away I wanted to get cloth diapers that I’d love as much as the ones we had for baby #1. I soon found that Dream-Eze was discontinued, but that there was a new system out called GroVia. When I saw that GroVia had all the features I’d loved before – organic cotton, quick-drying sewn in soaker, trim side snapping – and that they were now one-size? Oh, I was sold. And the cute new prints were amazing. I just had to have the owls. I was so excited to get my hands on these diapers that I bought our entire stash for baby #2 before she was born. In fact, I bought it before I even found out we were having a girl!

So why are GroVia the best AIO out there? Where to start… When I first opened our box of GroVia diapers, I immediately noticed how great the fabric feels to the touch. I’m pretty sure these are the softest items in my daughter’s wardrobe, and they’re soft like the minky baby blankets she has. This is especially true for the side snap panels. And I must say that I love that these diapers are side-snapping. As a result they are incredibly trim. Sure, the cloth diaper bubble butt look is cute, but I like that my baby girl’s clothes fit the same on her top and bottom. The side panels are also incredibly stretchy, which it great for my wiggly 7 ½ month old who is crawling and cruising all over the house. Still no leaks!

I also love the simplicity of the AIOs. Since GroVia has the option of a snap in soaker, it was easy to snap the diaper down to the smallest setting and get a good fit when my girl was tiny. Now that she’s bigger, we snap in the soaker ever time, and we don’t get any leaks. The fact that the inner cotton layer and soaker aren’t sewn completely to the shell means they dry super fast out in the sun. The AIO method is so easy, that we’re able to use it with our daycare. My husband and I both work out of the home, and our children’s caretakers can pick this system up with no problem. I also travel frequently for work, and my hubby just keeps up our simple cloth diaper routine for our daughter when I’m away.

Adorable prints, great one-size design, trim side snapping, great absorbency, and all organic cotton? What more could I ask for? Actually, there’s something I could ask for – maybe a couple new AIO in Peacocks or Bicycles prints. I’ll be putting that on my wish list for Mother’s Day. These are awesome diapers. I hope you all give GroVia a try, too!

I HEART GroVia by Christina C.

I HEART GroVia very much! What I love most about GroVia diapers and accessories isn’t just one thing!

First of all, I love the simple design that makes GroVia products so easy to use, even for a cloth newbie. When I decided to switch to cloth with my son, GroVia diapers made the process much more accessible and less intimidating for me. My entire started stash was comprised of GroVia AIOs, and they are still among my favorite diapers! I used them every day, and my husband finds them very easy to use as well.

Another thing I love about GroVia diapers is the material. The organic cotton works wonderfully against my boy’s skin, the TPU outer wears well and looks smooth. The fit of GroVia diapers simply can’t be beat. They are so trim, and about as close the the trimness of a disposable as you can get. I love the low rise, and the very stretchy side-tabs and side-snaps make for an impeccable custom fit.

Another favorite feature is the look of GroVia diapers. The colors and patterns are fresh and cheerful, and the side snaps offer a very clean look. The new colors “Surf” and “Cloud” are fabulous. They are simply adorable on my son’s tush and would be great for boys and girls.

Aside from the diapers, I also love the GroVia bioliners, which have been so useful to me, especially since I don’t own a diaper sprayer. My husband loves these! Finally, I must comment of GroVia’s excellent customer service. One of my diapers had some faulty stitching, and the company sent me a replacement immediately without any hassle! They have also been very responsive to questions I had about cloth diapering techniques. These are the reasons that I love GroVia products!

Why I HEART GroVia by Virginia V.

We made the switch to cloth diapers about two months ago when our gifted disposable stash started to dwindle. Being apartment dwellers, we thought it would be nearly impossible to cloth diaper. But after much research and talking to other cloth diapering mamas we decided it would be a good choice for our family.

We bought our stash of Grovia cloth diapers from a local Fullerton shop. The owner explained the positive effects it has on the environment by creating less waste, how the cloth is gentler on baby’s skin and of course how you can save a ton of money.

We also picked up a few other supplies.

Here’s our list of essential cloth diapering supplies:

  • 24 Grovia organic diaper inserts
  • 4 Grovia diaper booster soakers
  • 1 roll Grovia diaper liners (for when it’s time for solids)
  • 1 pack Grovia disposable biosoakers
  • 1 stick Grovia diaper rash ointment
  • 1 large Planetwise wet bag
  • 1 medium Planetwise wet bag (for on the go)
  • Charlie’s All Natural Laundry Detergent (I recently learned of Trader’s Joe’s brand detergent – which I want to give a try.)

Things we already had and use daily:

  • 12-18 Grovia cloth wipes (gifted to us at one of our showers)
  • 1 squirt/spray bottle for water/oil/soap solution for wiping

Starting out, there is definitely a learning curve. We experimented with doubling up on inserts for night time, but that didn’t work. Miles is what cloth diapering mamas call a “heavy wetter.” So at night time we use the Grovia disposable Biosoakers and they keep him dry all night – which usually means 8pm – 8am.

Another huge plus for using cloth diapers is they can be used over and over again. Since we are planning on one more baby, we’ll be using the same diapers for our next little one. The more you wash, the more absorbent they get. After each diaper use, we rinse in the tub with cold water. We mainly do this for the poopy diapers (which are fairly easy since breastfed babies produce very liquidy poos). We wash our diapers about three times a week. At least once a week I sun dry them. The sun is great for diapers, it bleaches out any stains in about 20-30 minutes of direct sunlight. I was so amazed by this.

All in all, I highly recommend cloth diapering. We spent about $400 total on all our supplies, which when you think about it, pays for itself in a few months when comparing to disposables cost. Not to mention we don’t buy wipes or diaper pail bags, which adds an additional cost to your disposable diaper bill. Overall, our family loves cloth. Our babysitters Nona Cathy and Uncle Matt found the whole Grovia system very easy too.

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