Gro-ing your GroVia Dream Stash, these moms share theirs with you!

by shethinksmedia

My GroVia Dream Stash by Samantha C.

If i was to rebuild my stash with just Grovia products I gladly would!! We just bought our first grovia AOI diaper a few weeks ago and turned around and bought 2 more!!  They fit my 4 1/2 month old heavy wetting son amazing!!  We have not tried the shells and soakers yet but they are on our wish list!!  If I had to build the PERFECT (or at least close to it) stash of just grovia I would choose:

  • 3 AIO new bicycle print
  • 3 AIO new robot print
  • 3 AIO new woodlands print
  • 3 AIO surf print
  • 3 shell hook/loop robot print
  • 3 shell hook/loop kiwi
  • 3 shell hook/loop cloud
  • 3 shell hook/loop mandarin

For the shells I would have 8-12 organic soaker pads, 8-12 stay dry soaker pads, and 8 organic and 8 stay dry boosters. i have never tried the biosoakers but we might as well throw in a few boxes of those for travel, sitters, and when diapers need stripping.  I would also need 2 packs of the cloth wipes, 2 magic sticks, 2 rolls of bioliners, and 2 wetbags and pail liners.  Let’s not forget about tiny bubbles detergent to wash all my grovia stash in :) oooo my!!  I almost forgot about a newborn stash and trainers to last from birth to potty!!  If I was to add newborn I would do the newborn 12 pack but I think I would need 2 just to be sure i have enough 😉 love the surf, cloud, owls, planes, robot, bicycle, woodlands and maybe 1 peacock because all boys need a little pink 😉

Here’s to dreaming of a dream GroVia stash!!

My GroVia Dream Stash by Alya M.

Some nights I wake up in a panic, my dream slipping away from me but vague thoughts still chasing themselves around my head: How can I hide all the packages of fluff arriving from my fiance? How can I hide the damage done to the bank account? Yes, building an envy inducing stash of cloth diapers is a frequent dream in my obsessed mind, and my baby hasn’t even arrived yet!

Still, when building my dream stash and scheming how to hide the purchase from my fiance, I keep him in mind. If I had free reign, my first order of business would be stocking up on all-in-ones for his sake. I’d get two dozen newborn and two dozen one size, primarily in vanilla to stay hidden under our son’s clothing. I would however get the Cloud in both newborn and one size, as well as some fun prints for when baby boy gets mobile. I’m particularly partial to the Owls, Woodlands, and Robots so they’d be my fashion choice, and I’d make sure to have three of each for the one size stage.

To round everything out and make sure there’s plenty of options on laundry day, I’d throw in some shells and inserts, too. Two dozen of those, half in hook and loop and half in snap, also in vanilla, would be ideal. (Ok, maybe another Robots print or two for lounging around the house – I can’t get enough of it!) As for soakers, it’d be the organic pads all the way. The more natural fibers the better. At 2 per pack, I’d probably splurge for two dozen packs for a good rotation. And, as always, keeping my fiance in mind, a roll of bioliners would be nice for him while out with the baby. Add in cloth wipes, a couple boxes of Tiny Bubbles, and two or three wetbags and we’d be set.

Now if only I could wake up with all these things before me and need no explanation for our significantly reduced bank account…a girl can dream, right?

My GroVia Dream Stash by James S.

If I were able to start cloth diapering all over with my dream stash I would have:

  • 24 newborn aio’s
  • 12 one size aio’s
  • 6 shells
  • 12 stay dry inserts
  • biosoakers (as needed)
  • 9 My Chioce Trainers
  • 2 wet bags
  • 2 pail liners
  • magic stick (as needed)
  • 8 stay dry boosters
  • 36 wipes
  • Tiny bubbles (as needed)

This would be my ideal stash because it would last from birth to potty learning and we would have a solution for all of our needs.

I chose 24 newborn aio’s for the first month or so when my sweet lil’ one is too tiny for the onesize. These aio’s fit awesome, they fit from 4-12 lbs.They are extremely cute and easy to use as you first experience with cloth diapers.

For my one size diapers I would have a combination of aio’s and ai2’s.I picked the aio for at home and daycare.I chose them because the side snaps make them very trim. The organic cotton is very absorbent and it is a great fabric to have on my little ones bum.They are very easy and convenient to use, just snap on and go! I chose ai2’s for on the go. In my diaper bag they take up much less space than the aio’s and work just as great. I picked the stay dry option for my ai2’s because when we are out it might be a little bit longer before I am able to change her diaper and no one wants to feel wetness on there behind.They also rinse off easier so when they poop they are less likely to stain. I also would like to have some biosoakers because sometimes it is not feasible to use cloth diapers and they are still a good for the earth and safe for her bum!

I think that 9 trainers would be a good amount to have, if she needs more we can use her aio’s and just not snap as tight so they can be pulled up and down.These trainers are made with stretchy side panels so they are easy for toddlers to pull up and down. The side panels snap on and come in a bigger size.I like that they snap so if they poop in it, it is easier to snap off than pull down.

Now I will tell you what accessories I would chose, and why. I would chose 2 wet bags one for daycare and one for the diaper bag, you can easily fit 6-8 diapers in these bags.I also chose 2 pail liners so when you wash just throw in the dirty one, and put the clean one in your diaper pail, by the next wash day the first one is clean and dry.I chose 36 wipes because on average we change my daughter 9x a day so if you use one wipe for pee and two wipes for poop you would have more than enough for two days. these wipes are very soft and can also be used as washcloths or to wipe little hands and faces. Another accessory I would pick is the staydry boosters. I would use them in either my aio or ai2’s for nighttime, bedtime, or any other time I think she might need a little extra absorbency.I would also need some Tiny Bubbles detergent. This detergent gets your diapers very clean and doesn’t leave any residue behind so no stink and no rashes! I would also get the Magic Stick this diaper ointment is amazing, it works well to protect their little bum and keep them rash free! I really love how easy and light it goes on, that you don’t have to touch the ointment, and the great smell.

This is my dream stash! It is the right number of each item that would work for me and my family.I believe that is what Grovia is about giving you options so you can find what works for you and your family!

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