Try GroVia, It’s MY Modern Cloth Diaper of Choice!

by shethinksmedia

Contributed by Sarah P.

When you are expecting a child there is this big question you ask yourself, “What will the baby need?” And as you look through books, magazines, webpages and baby stores the question grows and changes. “What type of…?” “What color…?” “What size…?” And as your baby list grows and changes so does your baby and the big day just gets closer and closer.

So a lot of parents don’t ever let the many diaper choices on the market these days cross their minds. That’s just one more question and if you ask it it begins small, “Should I use cloth diapers?”

For us it wasn’t a question, I told my husband before we were married that when we had babies it was cloth diapers and that was that, when we were expecting I did a million hours of research that boiled down to the very best of the best in the categories I wanted to use. While some things I tried and didn’t like (just a few sized covers) I have been happy with all of the other diapering purchases we have made and could probably tell you anything about any of them. But when a parent started with that “Should we…?” question it opens up doors to so many options it can make your head spin, and if you don’t have any cloth diapering experience it can be a little too much to sift through to find what you will be happy with.

“Flats, prefolds, covers, snaps, velcro, snappis, pins, sized or one sized, AIO, AI2, hybrids???” AHH! “Will this work for us? Should we bother at all?”  Then if you even manage to decide on what you will try you have to decide who to buy it from, who it is that makes what you want exactly for a price you can live with.

Some people cringe at the price of cloth diapers, especially when they start looking beyond the “old fashioned” cloth.  It can be a big deal, flat screen tv money.  But when parents throw that $20 pack of disposables in your shopping cart every other week or so that adds up too, and it keeps adding up and when they look back at the $3000 they have literally thrown in the trash over the last few years they might wish they had given cloth a little more thought.

So then there is GroVia my modern cloth diaper of choice and here is why.

Personally I am “oldschool” with my diapering, I actually really like prefolds and flats and I have no qualms about washing diapers all the time so when I bought my first GroVia shell it was to use over my “old fashioned” cotton diapers. It was so cute I had to buy it, “One size!” I said,  “sign me up!!!”  You buy one, you don’t buy small, medium and large, just the one. So it showed up, the lonely little cover with the cute print and I realized it’s not just a PUL lined cover it’s actually lined with a soft mesh between the diaper and the waterproof layer, I like that, its comfortable and I feel better about it. And let me say while it is very trim and when people would see my baby in it instead of “Is that a cloth diaper? Your baby’s bum looks sooo big” I’d get “That is soo cute, is that a cloth diaper?” Much better. Not that I mind people raising their eyebrows at what I choose to do but it’s pretty nice to have people interested in such a positive way. So I of course love this cover. And my interest goes on, you see with all the options out there and the hard decisions parents have to make GroVia is a really smart and simple choice that can be more than just the one option.

Now I’ve said I’ve used them as covers over my choice of diapers, and you can do that toy your hearts content… but, and the but is a good thing. You can get this system to work for you no matter what you like in the diapering world.  Not comfortable with washing diapers but want to be more “green”?  Try their disposable liners “biosoakers”, it is still less waste and it’s much cuter.  They carry both snap covers and aplix so you get to pick which one you want there, which is nice because it really is just a personal preference, I’m a snap lady, but some people like aplix, the fit is a little different and you can try both.

What if you don’t know what kind of diaper you would like, maybe just make it simple, GroVia has a few options for snap in liners, you wash them like cloth diapers but they are just these little pads that snap in and absorb, then snap out and go in the wash, you can then reuse the cover a few times or until soiled, then wash it all. They are available in organic or stay dry, we are big into organics in our house and wouldn’t consider them unless they were organic, which oddly enough can be hard to find in these types of AI2 setups, they also have boosters for extra absorbency. With this method you don’t have to fasten the diaper at all or worry it will move around in there unfastened.

So now if you don’t want to try them as covers and the little liners seem complicated GroVia has the option of buy it as an AIO (all in one) they are also trim, have a slightly different look but are also very nice and have the same cute prints, you can just use it and toss it in the pail, wash, dry and use again, one piece like a disposable but much better for everyone and actually a lot cheaper in the long run.

Personally I am planning to stock up on a bunch of the organic pads and use them in my covers to quickly use on my wiggly tot while we are out, which is great because its, catch, remove, snap snap, and go… outings can be tough. So I tell people about GroVia when they will listen, its a very easy way to cloth diaper, even day care providers, baby sitters and dads can handle it. And…. they have packages…. that save you money, money you can spend on some of the other things a baby needs.

So… TRY GROVIA! It’s very straightforward and removes a lot of questions.

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