It’s EASY to start with GroVia!

by shethinksmedia

Contributed by Linda A.

So, curious about cloth but don’t know even where to start?  Start with a Grovia.  They have a little of everything, a very easy All in one, a nice versatile All in 2, a trainer and even accessories!  Grovia’s have cute prints, easy snaps or aplix and a thick waterproof layer that works every time. 

The easiest diaper to start out with is the All in one, since it goes on and off baby just like a disposable anyone who can change a diaper can change this diaper.  Washing it is very simple as there is nothing to take apart or put back together, just wash and dry.

Most economical is the All in two, which allows you to change out just the soaker when the baby soils the diaper.  This shell can usually be used multiple times before needing to be cleaned.  Grovia’s soakers are unique in the industry and can be used with any cover as the soaker has its own waterproof layer allowing you to use that cover over and over and over again.  You can also use the hybrids (disposable soakers) when you are out traveling and still have that cute diaper shell showing with less waste in the landfill than a regular ‘sposie.  The shell can even double as a swim diaper when used without a soaker.

And when your LO is ready to be a big boy or girl, Grovia has side snap trainers.  Perfect for little hands to pull up and down on their own, but easy for mama to take off when LO has an ‘oops’.  Neat color side panels makes it fun to wear and customize.  Hidden pocket opening in the back allows for absorbency adjustment for sleep time.

Ready to put the icing on the cake?  Grovia also has a complete line of accessories such as wet wipes and wet bags to help make your cloth diapering experience complete. 

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