Let’s talk about poo!

by shethinksmedia
This week we are going to take a page from my 2 year old’s playbook and talk about poo.

The infamous “number 2″ is one of the biggest reasons families are hesitant to jump into cloth diapers, and is the most frequently asked question at our Cloth 101 orientations. The first thing I say to these families, once you have been vomited on a few times, in my opinion, poo is no big deal.  If that doesn’t help ease your worry about the soiled diapers, we are going to go over the 3 ways to deal with bowel movements below.

Until your baby starts solids, bowel movements can go right into the washing machine with your dirty diapers. If you trust your bed linens and undergarments to get clean, trust the diapers to get clean. Breastfed babies will typically have liquid bowel movements until solids are introduced, formula fed babies may as well, it just depends on how they metabolize their food.  If your baby has liquid bowel movements, trust our washing instructions to get them clean, a sniff out of the dryer will definitely show if they are clean or not:

Three Methods for dealing with POO!

If your baby is transitioning into solids, you will enter what we call the “peanut butter poo” stage.  Neither solid or liquid, it is a sticky, tacky substance that holds on tight to the diaper lining.  At this stage it cannot go straight into the washing machine, so we advise using one of these 3 methods:

1) Dunk and Swish: Completely free and easy to use, flip the diaper around so the inside lining is hanging down, hang onto the edges, and dunk in the toilet and swish around.  Flush the toilet (make sure you hang onto it so you don’t need your neighborhood plumber’s services), and repeat if needed.  If you have tiny remnants hanging on, don’t worry about them, they will come out in the wash cycle.  You can master this quickly without ever getting your hands wet, have your pail or wet bag in your reach to put the soiled diaper into after dunking/swishing.

2)Flushable Liners: We sell a variety of flushable liners in our store, these are made from rice paper or other plant origins, and are public septic safe. If you have a private septic, you may want to throw them away rather than flush them, depending on how sensitive your tank is.These are an incredibly popular item, and a small cost to try them out (around 10 dollars for 100 liners). They lay inside the diaper to catch the semi solid movements, then you can pick up the edges and flush, putting the diaper right in the pail. These are not to be used with diaper creams, when creams get warm against baby’s skin they will melt right through the liner, you need to use fleece or flannel liners for diaper creams. There are two drawbacks to these liners, which I myself and others have experienced. One, you have to lay them in with each diaper change, and by this age most babies are pooping 1-2 times a day, so it is an extra step at each change. Two, sometimes they can bunch and shift if your diaper isn’t completely snug-fitting, and miss the semi solid waste completely. However, the majority of our customers love them, so definitely worth a try if they make this stage easier!

3) Diaper Sprayer: If you or your partner is handy, your local hardware store can give you the parts to assemble your own sprayer. If you are like me, and prefer a box with a kit and all the pieces, directions and a number to call if things go downhill, we have two great brands of sprayers in our store. They attach to the clean water supply in your toilet tank, and draw on completely clean water to do the job. If you have a sprayer in your kitchen sink, you will find they work the same way, with trigger pressure and a controlled spray head. Sprayers can be moved from toilet to toilet, or taken with you if you move.

Once your child is fully on solids, their bowel movements will show more adult-like formation, and can be rolled off into the toilet. However, until your baby potty trains, you will need to use these methods again whenever they drink too much juice, go on antibiotics, get the stomach virus, eat lots of blueberries, (you get the idea)…. Don’t retire your liners or sprayer until the diapers are safely stored away .

Let me know if you have any questions, have a great weekend!

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    Nesrin says:

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