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Summer cloth diapering tips; Yeast, Eczema, Heatrash and Flies – Oh my!

by shethinksmedia

Yeast can be more prevalent, the hotter weather can make fungal growth easier, so make sure you go over our yeast articles if you are battling yeast:
http://www.cloththatcounts.com/?p=929 and http://www.cloththatcounts.com/?p=949

Eczema is typically better during the summer because of high humidity, but yeast and eczema can go together, so if your yeast treatments are not working, consider treating the child for eczema at the same time to see if that helps, under the guidance of your pediatrician. If your child normally has eczema during the winter months but not during the summer, consider this if you are running into yeast as well. Eczema creates an imbalance in the healthy skin flora, and opens up tiny hairline cracks in the skin where yeast can get a stronger hold. Many times a daily steroid cream with your anti-fungal will solve the problem.

I hate, hate, hate to include this one, but I have to because every year we get a handful of emails, this year being no exception. Keep the pail lid closed and wash frequently in the summer (1-2 days, not more then 3). Flies get in the house, flies love rotting matter, flies lay eggs that love warm and dark environments. If you find you have maggots in your pail, the diapers do need to be thoroughly disinfected (let us know if you need directions),  so make sure you keep the lid closed to avoid a very unpleasant surprise on wash day.  Again, it isn’t frequent or common, but it does happen so we have to mention it.

If your baby is suffering from heat rash (make sure it isn’t yeast, heat rash will be pink all over the diaper area with or without tiny red pinprick dots), add cornstarch to your diapers every change, and change more frequently. For babies who have a very hard time, you may need to switch up some options, but those first two steps usually quell most cases. Cornstarch washes out very easily from the diapers :)

Hope you’re having a good summer so far!

Stephanie, Abby’s Lane

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